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Our founders




A fierce advocate of self-empowerment, Jay started DEA to champion those approaching major turning points in their lives. With 15 years of experience as a digital entrepreneur and a farmer at his roots, Jay considers his own life one of cultivation and perpetual growth. Jay resides in Toronto and continues to build his other ventures including WAKEUP. He firmly believes that he hasn’t “arrived,” but is doing what we’re all doing: figuring it out as we go.


Stuart Ross


Stuart Ross strives to be a catalyst for positive change and a strategist for online success for his students. Using his proven business accomplishments as a template, he provides marketing platforms that give others the opportunity to create results, which dramatically improve their lifestyles. At an accelerated pace, whether driving in the English countryside or building a company, Stuart will outdistance even himself.

Our Team

Member Services

Business Consultant

Through thoughtful consultation, Ashley guides students in uncovering their unique goals and finding the best path to reach them. With experience in eCommerce, marketing, and coaching, newcomers are in the best of hands.

Ashley Burley

Member Services Senior Manager

Cat wears many hats within her role and helps to bridge the gap between our Member Services Team and our students. With 15 years of sales and marketing experience, she maintains compliance within the community while ensuring the best possible member experience.


Member Services

Chloe stands at the forefront of the company to welcome new members and to assure current members that they have the support they need. With 10 years of online experience, Chloe connects with members helping them get the most out of their ongoing journey.


Member Services

With experience in customer-facing roles and a passion for helping others, Corina brings a wealth of technical knowledge to her role within our Member Services Team. Our members can rest assured they’re in good hands when Corina is around.


Business Consultant

With ten years of experience and an extreme passion for the digital business economy, Dan was mentored by Stuart and leverages his experiences to find the best possible paths for newcomers to reach their unique goals.


Member Services

Katya welcomes new students and connects them to their consultant. Her confidence in the interconnectedness of a community and ability to understand the needs of each person makes her a warm, first presence. It’s not easy being the new kid, but Katya makes it easier.


Member Services Manager

Lauren connects students with exactly the right person in sales and assists leadership internally. Because she grew up training professionally in performing arts, Lauren has a strong understanding of what it takes to follow a passion, and supports others doing the same.


Member Services

With a background in social work and psychology, Marcelle helps support to Members on their educational journey. Whether it is general questions about their membership or more technical problems they might be experiencing, Marcelle is there to help and assist.

Marcelle Waldeck

Business Consultant

With 17 years of experience in business strategy Mark is the perfect person to advocate the best course for each member. He also takes new ideas, creates viable plans, executes them strategically, and realizes them for the member experience.


Member Services

A past student and affiliate of our company, with a decade of music coaching behind him, Michael brings his inside perspective to support new students through the training modules and then continues with them as they apply the information to their business.


Member Services

As a member of our Member Services Team, Nadine helps direct customer questions to solutions. As a founder of her own business, she’s thrilled to connect with students and steer them directly toward personal empowerment.


Business Consultant

An online coach for five years, Oliver has worked as a consultant for our company and others. He guides students onto their new paths, encourages their accountability, and is forever grateful at being witness to their victories.


Marketing Mastery Concierge

With years of marketing and customer management experience, Patty’s role as Marketing Mastery concierge allows her to guide students through their journey, hold them accountable, and reach their goals. You’ll also see her featured in many of our training webinars.


Resolution Manager

If there’s a customer relationship to build, connect, or restore, Siva is our man. He came to us with nearly 20 years of customer service management. His reward is the peace and encouragement he’s able to offer. And he means it.


Business Consultant

A student of our programs and member of our community for four years and a business owner for 20, Todd transitions people from applicant to member and beyond, knowing firsthand what this community can do for people.

Todd Fox

Coaches & Trainers

ImportXperts Coach eCommerce & Digital Marketing

An eCommerce, Amazon, and digital marketing expert for over 15 years, Anna helps students build products and brands. She herself has built many in the US, Europe, and Australia. A domestic violence survivor, she is a firm believer that overcoming adversity builds you.


Mastermind Experience Coach

Handling onboarding induction, mindset coaching calls, and hosting with Mastermind Experience students, Dan shares his leadership and organisational skills to help others break down their limiting beliefs and realize their potential.


ELITE Influence Coach

A strategic coach and mentor, Frank applies his experience in meditation, and coaching to guide his students around any obstacles they may be facing in their journey. He lives in gratitude that this is what he gets to do for a living.


Marketing Mastery Coaches

Fiona and Greg are automation experts. Nearly a decade ago, Fiona, an accountant and Greg, a software developer, transitioned from being stressed-out corporates to carefree entrepreneurs and are thrilled to empower others to do the same.


ELITE Influence Coach

As a coach, Jill’s ability to hone in on what’s going on with students allows her to nudge them through obstacles they may be facing and break through limiting beliefs so that they can move freely through their digital journey and get the most out of their education.


Mastermind Experience Coach

With a passion for inspiring massive action in others, Kari educates business owners on why & how to plan for change and create time for new habits so that they can maximize their health and wealth potential. And with over 100 Ironman completions under his belt, he’s uniquely positioned for his role.


ELITE Influence Coach

Steve specializes in effective goal-setting, figuring out where students want to be, and then holding them accountable along the way. He leverages what he’s learned through his own life-changing journey with our products and programs, to help others follow their unique path.




With a near obsessive passion for filmmaking and over 15 years of experience, Charles elevates every event and product by telling compelling stories through film. He translates the member experience in powerful and engaging ways.


Events Assistant

With a passion for helping others, Shauna brings her years of experience as a project coordinator to her day to day organizing events, helping run the WAKEUP store, and managing Social Media accounts.


Events and Media Senior Manager

As the logistical hub for video production to Culture & Organization to WAKEUP, Steph’s superpower is the ability to improve productivity across all platforms and works hard to find creative solutions to keep things running smoothly behind-the-scenes.


Content & Social Media

Social Media

As part of the content team, Carla spends her days creating, and scheduling content across each of the company’s social channels. Her background is in PR and Marketing, as well as experience in copywriting, content writing, and social graphic design.


Community Liaison

Cynthia, also a student within our community, liaises between the team and our students to coordinate ambassador-led training. With a background in management, team building, and communication, she provides an empowering space for expression.


Content Senior Manager

Leveraging her 15+ years of online marketing experience, Danielle brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as the company’s content director. From vision and strategy to messaging and brand integrity, Danielle helps to make our programs and curriculums accessible to the masses.


Content Manager for ImportXperts

Harriet’s work running SEO and social media for ImportXperts is driven by her passion for seeing brands reach people all over the globe. With five years of branding and advertising experience, the ImportXperts brand is in good hands.


Community Manager

Irene uses her 15 years of online experience in marketing, social media, and communication, to manage our diverse online community. Her way of shining a light on how people can authentically be themselves, in a world that’s telling them who to be, gives students a fresh perspective.


Content Writer

A Renaissance woman, Megan specializes in multichannel marketing and communications. She also brings her full stack of knowledge in integrated marketing, content management, graphic design, social media, data analysis, and writing to the table.


Content Writer

Sarah oversees content creation and liaises between team leads to regulate the voice and values of the company across all teams and products. She has over nine years of online marketing, content writing, social media content curation, and sales experience at her back.


Product Development

ImportsXperts Product Manager

A true gentleman, John wears all the hats for ImportXperts, which he fully developed and leads, but his true focus is developing a seamless customer experience and working to help people better their lives the way he has been able to do.


ELITE and Marketing Mastery Product Manager

A public speaker and online education, sales optimization man-about-town, Justin’s interests in communication, human behavior, and online marketing inform his work in empowering entrepreneurs. By using his personal experience, Justin illuminates others’ self-power so that they can live life to its full potential.



Tech & Development Senior Manager

With experience in UI/UX and graphic design, software development and programming, database and server architecture, deployment processes, Agile, email server configurations, CRM/Salesforce, and more, Jason gets tech projects over the finish line.


Platform Development

With a BA Degree in marketing and a passion for his field, Jonas has developed an expert eye for design, which complements his excellent web development skills. Out of hours he is a devoted husband and Dad, guitar player and sports enthusiast.


Tech & Development Senior Manager

Marius is the force behind many of our business tools. With a passion for entrepreneurship, tech and neuropsychology he is dedicated to building structures and systems that help people realise their dreams. Out of hours, Marius loves travelling with his wife and his two beautiful kids.


Operations & Finance

Brand Compliance

With a keen eye for detail and consistency, Candice helps to protect the company brands and intellectual property by making sure that the internal team and members alike are set up for success from a compliance perspective.

Candice Samuels

Finance and Accounting

Having attended school for Accounting and Payroll, Casey brings seven years of experience to her role within our finance team where she is responsible for everything from processing payments and commissions to reporting and responding to member inquiries.

Casey Kanters

Finance and Accounting

Our numbers whiz Jade works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the books are balanced and the ship stays afloat. With over ten years of accounting and business experience, there’s nobody we’d rather have behind the bookkeeping helm.


Finance and Accounting Senior Manager

While crunching numbers may seem like a nightmare to most, Rebecca manages accounts, member commissions, refunds, and chargebacks with patience and poise to ensure a seamless member experience. A mother at 16 years old, we’re confident there’s nothing she can’t handle.


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