How it Works

Our Founders started from scratch, so they understand the challenges people face in building a life of their own design. DEA is designed to powerfully overcome these typical challenges, there’s nothing out there like us.

Foundation. Umbrella. Key

The Three Cornerstones

The three cornerstones - Foundation, Umbrella, and Key - explain why we do what we do.


The reason many people fail in their aspirations to become successful entrepreneurs is because they don’t have the right grounding, they don’t understand the fundamentals of online marketing and branding, so they either get overwhelmed and quit or meet with major pitfalls further down the road. If it were as easy as 1-2-3 then everyone would be rolling in cash! Our Get Started Curriculum gives you a comprehensive, engagingly practical understanding of the digital arena and it can be completed at your own pace.


Another reason why many people don’t reach the Dream of being their own boss is that it can get tough working at home alone. When you encounter challenges and frustrations, it’s human to want to talk them through, and a tutorial isn’t going to cut it when you have specific problems but no time to trawl through online forums for answers. You’ll find our Community a refreshing change because our culture is all about helping others as we journey toward the same goal of financial independence. The DEA Community has a number of 24/7 channels where you can connect with like-minded people who know exactly what you’re going through and can give you targeted steers.


Our ultimate goal is to pair people with mentors who have the experience and expertise to cut through the learning curve and teach you what traditional education never will - how to avoid the pitfalls which only those ‘in the know’ understand, and how to succeed in the shortest time possible using real-world, practical know-how. After all, why listen to a teacher who has no actual experience at being successful in the area you’re interested in? And who has time to spend hours every day learning theory?

Take Your Life Where You Want To Go

With the three cornerstones in place, DEA gives you the vehicle to to get you where you want to be. Here's how...

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