dea silver

Transition to full-time self-employment.

The Program

Our DEA SILVER Program is designed to give you a smooth path to becoming your own boss, full time. You’ll benefit from a consultation with a top Business Strategist and a comprehensive, value-packed training package from experts who’ve already made millions doing what they teach.

Is affiliate marketing not really your thing? More the type who wants to sell physical products?
Are you keen on a business model that lets you get started with simply importing great products, without worrying about driving traffic (finding an audience) or distribution (storing and mailing stock)?
Would you like to bypass the typical pitfalls of figuring out how to sell products so your revenue flows strong from the get go?



Our experts are full time, highly successful importers who sell millions annually through major online retailers as well as their own websites. They’ll cut through your learning curve in a major way, giving you a chance at starting a lucrative business without the typical fall downs that cause so many amateur importers to fail.

Proven Business Model

This incredible value will be given to you through a substantial online training program that you can work through at your own time and pace. What you’ll get is a proven business model with a minimum of risk.

Global Network

If you choose, you won’t even need to deal with distribution – simply house your products in an distribution warehouse and they will see that your customers get their products with full-trust precision.

Automated Selling

Once setup, if it suits you, your import business can practically run itself – freeing you to spend most of your time with friends and family, travel the world, or get on with other projects you feel passionate about. Alternatively, you may decide you love the import business and want to continue to grow by selling on other platforms and creating your own retail websites. The point is, the sky’s the limit!

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Get started with a life of your own design - fill out the Connect form so we can start getting an understanding of who you are. From there we’ll arrange your free Business Strategy Session tailored to what you’re looking for - our job is making sure you find the right fit to get you where you want to go.