DEA PLATINUM – October Newsletter

There’s Never Been a More Exciting Time to be DEA PLATINUM!

October Update – Keep Your Finger on the Platinum Pulse


by Alex Eastman on October 15 2015

This newsletter is designed to serve a few purposes: firstly as an opportunity to introduce myself to you (for those who don’t already know me), secondly to touch on last month’s activities, and finally (most crucially) to discuss where we’re going with the DEA PLATINUM product.

An Introduction

Alex Eastman


Warm Greetings Platinum Members!

I won’t bore you with a long, drawn out monologue of my chronology, battering you into submission with tales of strife, success and all that comes in-between. Many of you may have already come into contact with me as I’ve been working closely with the Digital Business Lounge team and was previously involved in member training.

In summary, I have been with SFM since its’ inception, working both together and independently of Stuart Ross in the digital sphere for around 7 years.

Being given an opportunity to partake in a DEA PLATINUM Workshop at #CasaKuba was a massive light bulb moment for me, it encapsulated my passions for both personal development and branding, showing me that these areas intertwine and enhance each other. When Jay and Stuart showed me their vision for DEA PLATINUM, I knew immediately it was something I wanted to be a part of. In the months that have followed, I was granted the role of DEA PLATINUM Director, working alongside the already awesome DEA PLATINUM team as well as helping to grow it.

So, DEA PLATINUM members, the main thing you need to know is I’m here to make your experience at this level of your business progression second to none!

DEA PLATINUM Workshop London

September 2015

Reporting from the front lines:

This year I took an active part in the recent DEA PLATINUM event in London as Jay’s wingman. If you were able to make this awesome gathering of minds, you’ll know that Jay was flying, and sometimes without a license!

Located at the Crowne-Plaza near Heathrow, I arrived to find Tony and Carmen making their final expert adjustments to the audio-visual equipment. I did my best to help out with a rendition of Otis Redding’s ‘Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay’, but if truth be told this may have set them back about 45 minutes…

Meanwhile, members gathered eagerly in the refreshments area, caffeinating themselves in anticipatory fervour. It was great to see friendships being formed and alliances established amongst this enthusiastic entrepreneurial entourage.

Next we gathered in the conference room, blasted the music, and received our first complaint from the staff. It turned out there was a Toshiba conference next door that didn’t appreciate the fact we know how to enjoy ourselves – they probably wished they could have joined us instead of attending their buttoned up, stuffy conference on statistical data, which “statistically” probably made them want to go home and scream into their pillow!

So having logged our first complaint we kicked off. Jay’s ridiculously tight schedule meant that he had to literally arrive into the workshop straight from his 7 hour flight. But like any true rock-star making his entry, it was done with all the verve and gusto we’ve come to expect and love from the man.

With all his typically inspiring enthusiasm, passion and insight, Jay went on to conduct a brilliant Day One, along with me there to translate at times (it appears some language, both verbal and nonverbal, get’s lost over the Atlantic!). The day finished with members as stunned, excited and slightly confused as we had hoped. What a brilliant group in attendance, a wonderful mixture of ages and backgrounds, all with the commonality of heart, determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

As the days went on, this group of inspiring individuals continued to gel, form new relationships and add to the value we all experienced from the workshop. Guards were dropped and understandings were gained. Each and every member brought a unique pearl of wisdom as their contribution. We saw bravery, empathy and all that lies between – all in the name of branding! crazy right?

And now for a firm nod and thumbs up to the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure this workshop was a raging success: Martyn (Marto) as ever pulling the strings like a master puppeteer. Sarah tirelessly making sure nobody wanted for a thing. Tony and Carmen operating with ghost-like stealth as they captured magic moments time and again. John, who’s first DEA PLATINUM event it was, drinking in the information and working alongside the members to ensure they got the most out of their time.

It seems that every single DEA PLATINUM workshop gets better and better, so it’s no wonder people come back two, three or even six times! There is always so much more to gain, always new jewels of wisdom to be gleaned from Jay’s extensive experience.

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of the members that came and took part in this event, all of you brought something special to the mix!


October 2015

Keep Your Finger on the Platinum Pulse:

What’s New with DEA PLATINUM?

You’ll be happy to know that we’ve been hard at work on the DEA PLATINUM experience: how we can make it the very best it can be, how we can ensure each and every member gets the absolute most out of this product. From our workshops to premium ongoing education, we never stop over-delivering to our members.

The Brand Incubator Portal – Coming Soon!

The first major announcement we have for you this month is upgrades behind the scenes on a platform that allows DEA PLATINUM members to fully manage their entrepreneurial process. Marius and his team of technical-elf-magicians have been developing a system that each member will have a dedicated log-in for – a portal for your individual brand creation and training phases. It interlinks with your project manager, creative writers, design creative, support assistant, coaches, and me. You’ll be able to see exactly where you are in the process and access all of your content, design assets and website elements in one convenient place! Our vision is to create a completely bespoke website system to ensure you have the most secure, powerful and future proof websites for your online presence. It will give you the latest in responsive technology and cutting edge aesthetics with the help of one of our latest recruits James (an incredible motion and still graphics designer with a stellar portfolio) and the vastly talented, super artistic Natalie (whom some of you may already have the pleasure of knowing). These two spearhead our creative team. We’re hoping to have this live for you to get started with this month. Please be a little patient while we complete the finishing touches, I can assure you it’s going to be well worth the wait!

We are currently assembling an “a la carte” style menu of experts for you to be able to access, letting you decide who’s time and expertise you’ll get maximum value from. I will be updating you on progress and all the ways you can benefit from the platform soon.

Team Updates

In addition to me joining the DEA PLATINUM team, we are also delighted to welcome John Bromley to the family as one of our DEA PLATINUM project managers. John has been working with the unspeakably brilliant Brenda in technical support over the last few months. He is now providing even more of his valuable time to help us take DEA PLATINUM to the next level. As anyone who has worked with John on the support side will testify, you will not meet a more dedicated, friendly, sharp team player.

As mentioned above, we also welcome James Ioveno. James has worked with Jay previously and was responsible for all of Jay’s popular “Wake up” branding. An outstandingly talented creative, James has the top tier Platinum touch when it comes to making things look as slick, cool and cutting-edge as humanly possible.

As a final note – this is just the beginning guys, there has never been a more exciting time to be a DEA PLATINUM member!

I look forward to working with each and every one of you,

Alex Eastman
Digital Experts Academy