Digital Experts Academy (DEA) is here to take you where YOU want to go in your life. We do this by bringing you an online future where limitations are a thing of the past. We’re revolutionizing education by giving individuals the contemporary skills they need to make a success of bringing their personal vision to the world.

Unlike traditional education, we offer much more than training curriculums. We give you a variety of mentorship connection with people who have extensive real-world experience in the areas you aspire to - from Q&A webinars, 24/7 Community channels and book recommendations to live events, Masterminds and Coaching 1-2-1’s.

The most important factor is YOU. We believe that every individual is greater than they think they are, because everyone has unique perspectives, interests and ideas. We also believe that every person already has amazing abilities and experience which the traditional way of life doesn’t allow you to harness and express.

Our purpose is empowering you with the practical, cutting-edge skills and confidence to realize your full potential, grow your vision and share your unique value. With the right know-how, an Internet connection and confidence is your abilities through genuine mentorship, everyone is capable of creating massive change and personal success in the digital economy, no matter what walk of life you come from or where you live.

Most people feel trapped in a box. We hate boxes

What inspires us is helping people break free of them! With us you’ll find your own path, tailored to your unique aspirations:

Do you simply want a good income working minimal hours from whatever location you choose so you can focus on the things and people that matter to you? OR
Do you want to increase your value at your workplace and keep up with the next generation of tech savvy graduates? OR
Have you got an existing business or idea that you want to take next level? OR
Do you want to be an entrepreneur heavy-weight capable of monetizing almost anything you find interesting?

Whatever your passion, we’ve got you covered with a digital education program designed to take you where YOU want to go.

This Is How We Take You to YOUR Future

Digital Foundation Steps

Whether you’re looking to work for yourself, have an idea you want to monetize or want to increase your value in your chosen career, our Get Started Curriculum gives you a handle on the core fundamentals of online business in an engaging, hands on-way and without the traditional learning bloatware or dry theories that no-one has time for anymore.

  • Step-by-step modules and regular live training webinars teach you the essential basics of online marketing. You’ll be able to learn and practice at your own pace, around your existing commitments.
  • A proven Business System that does much of the heavy lifting for you, along with a personal Business Consultant helping you every step of the way. Not stopping there, you’ll have a 1-2-1 with a top Business Development expert who can help you start figuring out what kind of life you’re looking for.
  • You’ll get a clear idea of the tremendous potential of the Internet and how you can harness it to build a life of your own design.
  • We’ll show you the easiest model to begin generating money online so you can get your feet wet. Time is money :)

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Digital Skills Simplified

Introducing the way of the future - arm yourself with all the online know-how you’ll need to be super efficient when you engage with the online world, and do it during your coffee break! This revolutionary micro-learning technique is scientifically proven to stick in your mind through short, streamlined videos and interactive questions. Pick and choose from a vast library that spans beginner to advanced. Did you know that the average person loses around 2 hours per day by not fully knowing how to use online technology? The Digital Skills platform fills those know-how gaps fast and is part of your DEA Program package.

Tailored DEA Programs

Whatever your passion, we’ve got you covered with an education program designed to take you where YOU want to go:

  • DEA SILVER - a proven path to full time self-employment...
  • DEA GOLD - give your online business serious muscle through 1-2-1 coaching...
  • DEA PLATINUM - develop a unique brand that the world wants to know about...
  • DEA BLACK - monetize almost anything that interests you as a serious entrepreneur...

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