What is Digital Experts Academy?

Digital Experts Academy is an educational organization that provides individuals and small businesses a step-by-step digital marketing program created to streamline the process of starting a business in today’s internet economy.

DEA’s academic and mentoring programs were developed to help students recognize and pursue their individual talents and passions, in order to create their ideal business. Students learn how to become financially self-sufficient through academics and a trusted body of coaches, support specialists and mentors, who are the foundation of the Academy, and offer hands-on support in a virtual world.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to empower our students with the systems, tools, training, and resources needed to reveal their inner-talents and abilities, so that they can create a profitable digital lifestyle for themselves.
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Affiliate Program

SFM Business System and Private Community
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Powerful Tools

Digital Business Lounge
Simple Lead Capture
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Partner Program

We only allow a limited number of qualified partners access to our closed affiliate partner program for our mentorship courses and other products.
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